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12 Marketing Tactics I will do for your Commercial Real Estate Listing

Marketing and CRE
Posted: September 15, 2017 by Rebekah Holten

What are the latest marketing trends for commercial real estate (CRE)?  What will I be doing for you as your agent?  Here are some answers to those questions:

1.       Publish on LoopNet

LoopNet is the most heavily trafficked online CRE marketplace- this means people looking to buy are checking this site!  When I get your new listing I will post it to the MLS and then to LoopNet to make sure it is getting as much online exposure as it can.  Another place I post is CCIM which is commercial real estate’s most influential professional organization.  Each of these sites are used by both real estate agents and consumers looking to purchase commercial real estate.

2.       Highly Detailed Descriptions

Nowadays people use the internet as their primary source of information.  With a short, undescriptive summary of the property, people will pass it up and move on.  I will make sure your property highlights all of the important aspects and is highly detailed to draw in the consumer (while of course still providing the sq. ft., cap rate, building class etc.)

3.       High Quality Professional Photography

Beyond a great description, pictures are the selling points of a listing.  I will make sure your listing gets up to 15 HDR professional grade images that will showcase your property for primetime marketing and advertising.  VISUAL AND CLEAR CONTENT SELLS!

4.       High Quality Marketing Package

This is where Coldwell Banker Commercial Prime Properties shines.  With their very own media company providing Matterport tours, video tours, and social media packages, you are sure to get a TON of exposure for your property. 

5.       Email Marketing Campaign to a targeted group

Coldwell Banker Commercial has an exclusive contact management system that will send your listing to other real estate agents in our MLS.  I then will send it out to hundreds of prospective buyers via email.

6.       Targeted direct mail

Don’t underestimate the power of a postcard and flyer.  Our marketing team will create a professional looking property flyer that is well-designed and will quickly grab the viewer’s attention.   I will also send out just listed/ for lease postcards to 50 addresses announcing it is on the market and another 50 will be mailed out once the property has been sold welcoming the new owner or tenant.  These things are not out of date and are still extremely effective.

7.       A well-placed sign

The large Coldwell Banker Commercial sign with my name and number on it may seem like only advertising for me, but this large “for sale” sign is many times the first thing a person sees and what makes them initially interested.  This is an “old-age” marketing strategy that gets results!

8.       National Recognition

Beyond posting your property on Loopnet and CCIM.com, I will post your listing to the Coldwell Banker Commercial Worldwide website, as well as syndicate it out to the top Commercial Real Estate sites including Commercial Source and CoStar.

9.       Social Media

Building an online community on LinkedIn and Facebook is crucial to getting a property sold. As I work to establish my social media presence as a leader in the industry, I am also driving online traffic to your property.  This is also a great place to showcase those professional photos and engage directly with potential buyers.

10.   Connect with local media

Whether answering journalist’s questions or featuring an ad in the local newspaper, I will make sure the town knows about this property!

11.   Blog

If you’re reading this you probably know I have a blog, but what can it do for your property?  Finding property online only allows for so much information.  By having a blog I am able to provide more information as well as status updates.  I can also use certain keyword phrases to drive traffic to my blog and your property.

12.   Cold Calling

This may not be my favorite part of the job, but it sure is effective!  By calling people I know may be interested, I am going directly to the source and building relationships.  This is crucial to my success as well as knowing people and what they are interested in (which will help me be more effective in selling your property quickly!)

I promise to showcase your listing in the best light using a variety of marketing channels and following up with each person who is interested in your property.  If you are considering selling your commercial property you can reach me a(970) 640-4530 or tdaniels@cbcworldwide.com 

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