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Why hire a commercial real estate broker?  What does this professional bring to the table for you?  The great thing about a broker who specializes in commercial real estate is their market knowledge.  This is most important regarding pricing and analyzing a specific property correctly.  Even if you have a basic knowledge of real estate, the market is constantly changing and it can be easy to not factor something into the value of your real estate.  In addition to this, we have privileged ac... read more
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Commercial Real Estate in the U.S.

Posted by Rebekah Holten on October 10, 2017 in  Commercial Real Estate  Office Space  Retail Space
People frequently ask- what is the state of Commercial Real Estate in the U.S?  We have had a nice long run, but will the streak keep going or come crashing down again, as it did in 2008?  The good news is the job growth has been solid for the past 4 years.  On average this year, there have been 180,000 jobs created a month and unemployment has come down significantly (http://crepodcasts.com/americas-commercial-real-estate-show-with-michael-bull/).  With more job opportunities, there are more pe... read more
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