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Buying a new place for your business or renovating your current location can be extremely exciting for your business, however it is important to know the ins and outs of commercial loans before you get too far into it. A commercial real estate loan is a loan taken out by a BUSINESS, not an individual.  Whether yours is a business that is operated out of a retail store or office space, or you are looking to purchase a new commercial property, it is all commercial real estate and requires a CRE loan (as well a... read more
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If these two terms are over your head, this may be a good place to start.  These are two very big types of leases that buyer’s should know about.  A triple net rent is a lease in which the one who is renting the space pays rent to the owner (which is usually a smaller base rent) as well as all (or a portion of) taxes, insurance, and maintenance expenses.  The gross lease is a lease in which the tenant pays one lump sum for rent and the landlord pays his expenses (utilities, repairs, insurance a... read more
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Grand Junction Events This Week

Posted by Rebekah Holten on September 25, 2017 in  Activities  Colorado  Grand Junction  Small Business
Fall has come upon us and it is time to take advantage of all Grand Junction has to offer!  Here are some amazing events to check out in the next week! Tuesday September 26 (7:30 AM – 8:30 AM) A Fall Breakfast Benefit Come support programs and services provided by WestCAP which honors the 2030 vision for HIV in Colorado: No new HIV transmissions!  At this breakfast, Dr. Steve Johnson will be speaking as well as breakfast being served! Wednesday  September 27 (7:30 AM - 12 PM) ... read more
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5 Facts About Me

Posted by Rebekah Holten on September 20, 2017 in  Activities  Commercial Real Estate  Grand Junction  Small Business
One of the most important aspects before choosing a real estate agent, is getting to know them!  Here are 5 facts about me!1.  When did you move to Grand Junction?   I was born and raised in the Grand Junction area.  This knowledge is instrumental in my success as a commercial real estate agent.  2.  How would you describe your day to day work in 3 sentences? Make new business contacts, look at what is available on the local market for commercial real estate and prepare m... read more
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